Sanctuary Sunday (new project)

Hello to you! I wanted to take a moment to share with you my new project, Sanctuary Sunday, a YouTube channel designed to expound (in video form) on what you may see here, as well as other spiritual, philosophical, and life-related topics. I have found that providing a video opens the room, holds more, and creates space for us to see more into the fullness–words and picture. Do feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel if it resonates with you. We are all a part of life’s bounty. Always, always with gratitude.


2 thoughts on “Sanctuary Sunday (new project)”

  1. A wonderful Opening, Siah. I join you in
    celebrating this new beginning for it reaches out, in service to humanity and, it reaches in… a heartfelt ‘yes’ Response to The Quiet… the Unfolding of Love’s Destiny, within All… for All.

    Thank you for your Presence To…. your Yes!

    One by one may we continue Opening to the place, the space, of the deepening… of Love’s Deepening.

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