Finding Peace in the Cacophony of Sound

8d9fb1b60f1ad119684a10aa31491357--buddhist-monk-ladakhWe go with the flow, with the rhythm showing us the way in-beat. I’ve had to go there with the flow this afternoon when the reading was overcome by a cacophony of sound. I hear the beating of drums in the distance, a symbol of life in celebration, of movement, of things happening beyond the four corners housing these walls that surround me. We give in to the fullness of the moment when the picture around us is larger than the smallness of our own. That is how we enter into the divine. That is how we bring ourselves to the present, and it is only in the present that the coming together comes together. It is when we allow that we see the magic of the moment.

I set my book down, no longer able to hear the silence of the words being read for the sounds surrounding me. To resist would have been futile, so I went with it. I allowed for the bigger picture to take precedence over the smallness of my moment. In the end, nothing prevents us from returning to that which we started. The book has gone nowhere, still within my reach, it rests there as though solitude its choice. Yet when I return again to the silence found in reading, I will be different. Having allowed flow, and the rhythm of its beat the space to enter in, I have expanded. It happens. No moment the same inside of life. We breathe continuously unaware that every inhale brings with it a newness never before felt. Our minds slow to absorb what the breath already knows: Without the beat of life’s drum there is no breathing.

It matters not what is around us, because in any moment we can go into that quiet place within and nestle. We can pause and listen for the silence until it reveals itself, a peace that sweeps over us as though nothing more ever was. It comes and clears the chaos, changes circumstances, and creates an opening to our freedom. This is the gift of life when we move in alignment with its flow, when we choose to experience the cacophony as the entrance of our peace.


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