Allow Life to Carry You

we only regret the chances we did not takeThe uncertainty is worthy. It reveals the courage necessary inside blind faith, and it is that very thing that we have when we step forward into the call of the unknown. We ride a wave that takes us where it is to go even when, in our limited capacity, we cannot see the way. Still, we are carried, like a leaf breathed on by a breeze and taken in-flight along a journey it knows not. Wherever it arrives becomes home.

Where are we now inside of life? Where have we allowed life to take us having loosed ourselves from the hold of tangible weights? When ambition fails to sustain our climax, in which direction do we turn? Within. To go within is itself a prayer. We look toward the most compassionate source of our being to hold us and to carry us forth in the direction of what is unpaved, untilled, and untraveled. There is water to be found in the desert. We need only to walk barefoot that we feel when the earth changes and moisture births from the dry.



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