Sanctuary Sunday: We Can’t Force Flow!

Hello, Hello!

As always, I appreciate your support, so thank you for joining me for another week of Sanctuary Sunday. Today’s episode is a reminder that we can’t force the flow in life, we can only allow it the room and space to be. Too often our desires or our impatience creates an angst that would have us tamper with rather than BE with. This episode speaks to this while offering a mindful message to let go and allow. May you enjoy!


Sanctuary Sunday: The Other Side of Mother’s Day

Hello All!

Today’s Sanctuary Sunday message is about the other side of Mother’s Day. Not everyone has had the best experiences with their mother and this episode gives us a voice. Thank you for taking a moment.

Sanctuary Sunday: We can re-write our life-story

Hello All!

This episode is about the stories that we have been carrying and telling ourselves that no longer serve us or were never ours to begin with, but rather childhood baggage that was likely a hand-me-down from a key player in our lives.

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Sanctuary Sunday – Meditation: A Pathway to Enter Into Ourselves

Today’s Sanctuary Sunday episode is about meditation and how we can use it as a pathway to enter into ourselves. Meditation can be defined in many ways, yet there is a common thread, and that is to become still in order to go within. Here, I discuss how going within allows us to discover more fully who we are and, in so doing, tap into that which allows us to be more of a “whole” person who, through knowledge of self, learns to live more fully.

Thank you for joining me!

Sanctuary Sunday: Trust the Process

Thank you for joining me again today for Sanctuary Sunday. Today’s episode is about trusting the process while being mindful of our thoughts, attitudes, and energy during the wait.


Sanctuary Sunday!

Happy Sanctuary Sunday, Folks!

Today’s episode is about elevating our vibration so that we might live more fully in-flow instead of swimming upstream in the chaos of life’s confusion.

To life!

Sanctuary Sunday!

Hola Todos!

Happy Sunday to all and thank you for joining me again this week. Today’s Sanctuary Sunday message is a buffet of sorts that connect us to our need to make ourselves available to receive new information. No one knows it all, and it’s important – if we are to connect with anyone or anything outside of ourselves – to open up enough to listen to a different voice or message or thought other than our own.

May you be lifted!