Sanctuary Sunday: Blind Faith


Join me on YouTube today for Sanctuary Sunday where the message is on Blind Faith. May we open ourselves to the next opening.


Self Inquiry: A First Class Ticket Within

East, west, south, or north makes little difference. No matter what your destination, just be sure to make every journey a journey within. If you travel within, you’ll travel the whole wide world and beyond. – The Forty Rues of Love, Elif Shafak


It is of a complex nature attempting to describe or speak to the journey within when asked, How do I go there? Yet there is something about the asking itself that creates an opening as though the secret word to unlock parables, is how. Inquiry leads us, and not the inquiry of the world, but the inquiry of the self. When we sit in the seat of receptivity and ask “how,” we have already entered in, and the journey now becomes an exploration of what it is that we see, that we feel, and that we experience there on the inside.

It is the receptive mind who travels the inner road and is willing to stare darkness in the eyes, neither fighting nor fleeing, but rather holding space for themselves. Space is love. Space is compassion. These allow us to take a deep breath, and inside the pause, find our footing enough to continue looking into the eyes of the dark shadow. To go within is to be willing to see it all, our lightness of being and the shadow following us when the spotlight of the sun appears. Compassion gives us the courage to hold steady the gaze long enough to inquire of our shadows’ existence. I see you and know you to be a part of me. Help me understand why. Why do you follow me? What have I of yours that you, like gum under shoe, walk with me? We ask such questions without judgement, only an authentic desire to know in order to befriend and ultimately heal.

Traveling within isn’t solely about the dark, no. Yet in the dark we come to know the light. We have to be willing to enter into the secret spaces, the ones we desire to hide from ourselves and others, if we are to travel the world over. The light is easy. It is what we reach for, what we share with others, what we wear like a badge of honor, but the dark night of the soul wears a different face. The ego has us believing that the dark isn’t worthy of our attention, or that death looms if we get too close, which is true. Darkness dies the closer we get to peeling back its layers and reasons for being, that is, as we grow closer to ourselves. To know the self is to know God.

There is a universe within ripe with spirit and energy even when we think otherwise, and we can travel the expanse of that universe simply by asking how. Life hears us and responds to us at our point of inquiry and receptivity. We ask. We wait. We allow.

Allow Life to Carry You

we only regret the chances we did not takeThe uncertainty is worthy. It reveals the courage necessary inside blind faith, and it is that very thing that we have when we step forward into the call of the unknown. We ride a wave that takes us where it is to go even when, in our limited capacity, we cannot see the way. Still, we are carried, like a leaf breathed on by a breeze and taken in-flight along a journey it knows not. Wherever it arrives becomes home.

Where are we now inside of life? Where have we allowed life to take us having loosed ourselves from the hold of tangible weights? When ambition fails to sustain our climax, in which direction do we turn? Within. To go within is itself a prayer. We look toward the most compassionate source of our being to hold us and to carry us forth in the direction of what is unpaved, untilled, and untraveled. There is water to be found in the desert. We need only to walk barefoot that we feel when the earth changes and moisture births from the dry.


Finding Peace in the Cacophony of Sound

8d9fb1b60f1ad119684a10aa31491357--buddhist-monk-ladakhWe go with the flow, with the rhythm showing us the way in-beat. I’ve had to go there with the flow this afternoon when the reading was overcome by a cacophony of sound. I hear the beating of drums in the distance, a symbol of life in celebration, of movement, of things happening beyond the four corners housing these walls that surround me. We give in to the fullness of the moment when the picture around us is larger than the smallness of our own. That is how we enter into the divine. That is how we bring ourselves to the present, and it is only in the present that the coming together comes together. It is when we allow that we see the magic of the moment.

I set my book down, no longer able to hear the silence of the words being read for the sounds surrounding me. To resist would have been futile, so I went with it. I allowed for the bigger picture to take precedence over the smallness of my moment. In the end, nothing prevents us from returning to that which we started. The book has gone nowhere, still within my reach, it rests there as though solitude its choice. Yet when I return again to the silence found in reading, I will be different. Having allowed flow, and the rhythm of its beat the space to enter in, I have expanded. It happens. No moment the same inside of life. We breathe continuously unaware that every inhale brings with it a newness never before felt. Our minds slow to absorb what the breath already knows: Without the beat of life’s drum there is no breathing.

It matters not what is around us, because in any moment we can go into that quiet place within and nestle. We can pause and listen for the silence until it reveals itself, a peace that sweeps over us as though nothing more ever was. It comes and clears the chaos, changes circumstances, and creates an opening to our freedom. This is the gift of life when we move in alignment with its flow, when we choose to experience the cacophony as the entrance of our peace.

Sanctuary Sunday (new project)

Hello to you! I wanted to take a moment to share with you my new project, Sanctuary Sunday, a YouTube channel designed to expound (in video form) on what you may see here, as well as other spiritual, philosophical, and life-related topics. I have found that providing a video opens the room, holds more, and creates space for us to see more into the fullness–words and picture. Do feel free to subscribe to my Youtube channel if it resonates with you. We are all a part of life’s bounty. Always, always with gratitude.

I Follow the Omens

fefc026a35a3bb1492ad3698c71de0fb--umbrella-photography-art-photography-2The quiet is nice. It stands out to me in the moment that I silence sound, shutting off Netflix or turning away from social media. It’s like turning those lights off turns on the Light. Every moment ripe with its own purpose, whatever I see it to be. The quiet allows me to hear, and to be with myself and my thoughts. I feel most creative the instant I silence sound and become conscious of the quiet. That moment bursts with light—stilled fireworks.

This time in my life is about the quiet, I can tell. It shows its face everywhere I look, and it reminds me of its presence. I’m aware of the quiet and its voice of silence. It doesn’t go missing or fall short on me. I see the gift that it is, so I turn to it for guidance and direction, and for the openings of creativity. We commune, the quiet and I. We spend time in each other’s presence, listening, engaging.

There is rich stillness in the quiet. It feels dense, weighing me with answers and awareness, the omens that I follow. I am awed by how heavy feels so light when rightly aligned, and I listen always for alignment, and for the way in which I am to follow the omens. I go always there, in the direction of life’s pointing, not my own.




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fullsizeoutput_325The other day I decided to walk to one of the many cafés in San Miguel, Zenteno Café, a quaint little spot situated at the tip of a street that ends in a sort of triangle. I had in mind to get out and do some writing amongst other people’s energy, change things up a bit from my normal write at home routine. Zenteno is perfect and usually full of others writing while sipping an espresso or latte. It’s a known gem amongst other cafés making it challenging to get a seat. See “quaint” for this cafe, is another word for very small, yet oh, so charming. I was able to get the last available seat near the baristas, my back against the wall everyone and everything became my view.

While en route I saw a young man I’ve seen several times in my neighborhood. He’s always friendly and wearing very lived in clothes that appear to be about two weeks past laundry day. “Hola!” I said with a wave while passing. “Hola! Como estas?” he returned, and so the greeting went, nothing out of the ordinary and all while I continued walking, him now following behind. When I turned to tell him I was off to the café to write, he extended his reach to me and in his hand was an ornament. “Oh, no gracias,” I said smiling at the gesture. “No gracias.” He continued to reach. “Es para tí,” he said, looking directly into my eyes then repeating. “Es para tí.” In that moment everything stopped including me. Here this young man stood offering me the only thing he had in that moment, and the look in his eyes was as though he’d searched and searched for something special, and it was for me. I know that wasn’t the case, but it was the case if that makes sense. I accepted the ornament from my heart and held it in my hand. “Muchas gracias.” I said bowing slightly. My spirit certainly recognized his in that moment. Continue reading “Ofrenda”