Introducing New Project!!

Hello Folks!

I wanted to take a moment to introduce a new project that I’ve started and am quite excited about. Here’s Sustained and Carried, a blend of topics from food and life’s magic, to a twist on politics, and death, dying and loss—all with a mindful touch. There will be lots happening there as I build content, so please venture over and leave your footprints.

Many thanks!



Sanctuary Sunday: We Are All Tested

Greetings All!

Today’s episode is about being tested. We are all tested at some point in our lives. Here, I share my current journey and how I am allowing my faith to sustain me through this period of being tested.

Sanctuary Sunday:: Change: Leap and the net will appear!

It’s that time again! Today’s Sanctuary Sunday message is about taking the leap into change even when faced with fear and uncertainty. The only way for things to be different is for us to be willing to embark upon change. I have found that it is when we dare to step forward into the unknown that we actually experience ourselves fully and live a life aligned in a way that we manifest life’s Magic.

Thank you for taking a moment.

Life is a blank canvas. What are you creating?

Happy Sanctuary Sunday, All!

Today’s message is about wiping the slate clean in order to create anew. Too often we allow that which is no longer relevant to accompany us in the present without realizing how limiting this is. It isn’t until we pause long enough to wipe the slate clean, or see life as a blank canvas, that we can start creating a life that we love, and one inside of which we live authentically.

As always, thank you for taking a moment.

Sanctuary Sunday: What Version of Yourself Are You Living?

Good Morning, and Happy Sanctuary Sunday!

Today’s episode takes a look at what version of ourselves we’re living. Are we choosing the highest (best) version of ourselves, or are we living a more unconscious version where mindfulness falls on the side of less than full?

Thank you for taking a moment, and may you enjoy!

Sanctuary Sunday: The Other Side of Mother’s Day

Hello All!

Today’s Sanctuary Sunday message is about the other side of Mother’s Day. Not everyone has had the best experiences with their mother and this episode gives us a voice. Thank you for taking a moment.

Sanctuary Sunday: We can re-write our life-story

Hello All!

This episode is about the stories that we have been carrying and telling ourselves that no longer serve us or were never ours to begin with, but rather childhood baggage that was likely a hand-me-down from a key player in our lives.

Thank you for taking a moment, and feel free to share and or subscribe to my Youtube channel. 🙂